Personal configuration v2, managed with Ansible
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dotfiles v2

This is the continuation of my old dotfiles without all the Xorg stuff I don't use.

🧰 Setup

# Install `community.general` for 'apk' and 'doas' module if you only installed ansible-core
ansible-galaxy collection install -r requirements/collections.yml
# Run the playbook
ansible-playbook -i hosts dotfiles.yml

playbooks directory contains tasks unrelated to dotfiles deployment, but useful (for me).


# Build the container image
buildah build -t dotfiles -f Dockerfile .
# Exec into the container
podman run --rm -it localhost/dotfiles /bin/ash

# Run the playbook for all tasks inside the container
ansible-playbook -v -i hosts dotfiles.yml --tags 'never,all'


  • wayout
  • GTK/Icons/Cursor theme, Sarasa font bootstraping
  • Neovim:
    • OneDark theme
    • Catpuccin theme
    • winbar (using feline.nvim and nvim-gps)
  • Use bubblewrap for some applications --> use rootless podman
  • Separated Waybar config files for Sway and River
  • catppuccin theme
  • eww
  • swhkd (maybe?)
  • senpai
  • Remove pipewire-pulse completely (is there alternative to pavucontrol for pipewire??)
  • ugrep instead of ripgrep

📓 Notes

The main playbook probably works on whatever Linux distribution you are running (haven't tested).

The additional playbooks gear toward my Linux distribution of choice - Alpine Linux. Tasks included in them might not work on other distributions (e.g. apk tasks)

🌟 Credits

📄 License