7 Features
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Not every feature is remarkable to get a line here, but some are. So we list them here.

Mobile Desktop Feature
Send & Receive simple (P2PKH) BCH transactions.
Send & Receive P2SH BCH transactions.
Instant pay, to skip confirmation for smaller payments
BIP21 payment protocol support.
BIP70 payment-protocol support.
Basic Double-Spend-Proof support.
Synchronize via the p2p network for max privacy.
Remove trust in 3rd parties with SPV local-validation
Multiple wallets to keep funds separated (privacy).
Wallet-type: HD (seed based) wallet.
Wallet-type: Electron-seed type wallet support.
Wallet-type: List-of-private-keys wallet.
Wallet-type: Single private key wallet, auto returns change to same address.
Importing wallet by seed (BIP39) in 10 languages.
User can build transaction with any number of destinations (outputs).
Coin-control. Select specific inputs, or lock them from being auto-selected.
Supports (but discourages) btc-style addresses.
Colorset can be toggled between night and day modes.
Historical prices. What was the value of this at a past date.
Introspection of a transaction. Listing relevant inputs/outputs.
Wallet security: PIN on startup
Full encryption of wallet: Pin-to-Open.
Partial encryption of wallet: Pin-to-Pay.
Archiving a wallet.
Offline mode.
Testnet4 support.
Select (fiat) currency for display / conversions.
Allow user to access individual addresses / private keys in wallet.
Full user interface translation to local languages
Privacy: private mode can hide sensitive wallets
Privacy: allow a (big) wallet's balance to not be counted in total


Name Description
Build-Transactions This is an advanced (but simple to use) set of screens to make creation of transactions an interactive process. Users add destinations (addresses) one by one and in the end let the wallet fund the transaction and send it.
Peer-view An overview of P2P-network servers we are currently connected to and their details.