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Editing this wiki

We welcome contributions to this wiki, it is a great way of contributing to Flowee Pay!


The wiki itself is stored in markdown files, which the wiki displays as nice web pages automatically. You can find out more about markdown on Introduction to Markdown>

Notice that the files are stored with Windows linefeeds when edited from the front-end. Useful to realize for those editing in the git repo.

We use a couple of prefixes in our page-names to keep stuff sorted.

pages that are basically NOT for end-users. Design docs, new product ideas etc go here.
any images we use.


The front-end only allows linking to images. It doesn't allow you to upload images to the wiki. Maintainers can work around this, so if this is an issue please just ask. The way to link to an image is described in the introduction linked above, but in short it is:

![Alternative text](https://website.tv/images/image.png "title")

And indeed it is true that you can not tell the wiki to size the image. What the original image is in pixels is how it will be displayed for all readers. Please keep images a reasonable size.

Getting an account

We do require people to sign up to the platform and get their account whitelisted by our admins. After that you can simply hit that 'edit' button as expected>

Please hit the big 'Register' button on the top right of the screen to sign up to the platform. Here is a link for the lazy.

After getting an account please ask us to add it to the wiki-editors group by opening an issue or dropping by in our Telegram group and sharing your username there.