3 Contributing
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Flowee Pay and most of the libraries it uses are all built by enthusiasts that share the goal of having a great payment application. The idea is that when you make something better for yourself and I make something better for myself everyone gets a better application.

People that run Flowee Pay are already part of the community, we build these applications as much for you as for ourselves. Thank you for choosing Flowee Pay!

People that want to give back, or simply want to improve that one thing they get annoyed with, we want to say that you are very welcome to contribute. We try to be an open and friendly group of friends.

To help, here are some descriptions on how to help!

Wiki Editing:

please read: Contributing wiki

Translating the applications

please read: Contributing translating


Front-End work

Naming of files

In the 'pay' git repository we store all the front-end files under the guis directory.

Components that are needed in multiple front-ends are placed in the Flowee directory, which means they are used at minimum in two projects.
We use the rule of thumb that a component matures in its own project and when its becoming reusable its moved to the Flowee dir. As multiple projects depend on those being stable from then on, the cost of maintaining it is higher.

We today have the mobile and the desktop directories, each represents one front-end project.

In those projects we encourage the usage of the following pattern to file-names.

  • ending in Widget.qml is a reusable widget. A visual element of any size.
  • ending in Popup.qml is a reusable element that inherits the Popup Qt Quick Controls class, or Dialog from Flowee. Specifically this element is always layered on top of the view.
  • ending in Page.qml are elements (typically not reusable) that are loaded at runtime and inherit our mobile/Page.qml class.

Doing Backend-coding