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Welcome to the Wiki for Flowee Pay.

Flowee Pay provides a set of applications that give users the ability to use Bitcoin Cash and all things that are possible on it.

Flowee Pay is free/libre open source software, which means it is build by a community of enthusiastic people that needed such an application and they wanted to work together to continue to improve it. It is made available for free, in the hopes that it will be useful. If it is useful to you, please consider contributing back to Flowee Pay.

To find out more about ongoing research, technical specs and planning of future work head over to the dev page.

About Flowee Pay

Flowee Pay is built with the goal to give access to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain and many of its features. Bitcoin Cash is a new form of money that can completely replace the dollar and enable an economic system that is fundamentally fair and neutral, allowing free markets to actually work properly and preventing governments from debasing the currency.

Bitcoin Cash allows people to send any amount of money to anyone in the world who has an Internet connection, instantly, for basically free. Ensuring nobody can prevent the funds from being transferred or used.

Read more about Bitcoin Cash.

Flowee Pay uses the Internet but no central server. Just like Bitcoin Cash it has no central point of control. This increases privacy and makes sure nobody can freeze funds.

Read more about How Flowee Pay connects to the network.

Flowee Pay is cross-platform in the fullest sense of the term. We use libraries that compile on most desktop and many mobile platforms. It is thus possible to run the application on most any computer platform you may have.
Being able to run the same application on desktop and mobile, for example, needs adjustment to the user interface. The approach we take is one where the bigger building blocks are assembled specifically for each form-factor.

We today have two form-factors. Desktop and mobile. The mobile version is specifically aimed at Android today.

Read an overview of features available in Flowee Pay.

Flowee has as its motto to accelerate the world towards a Bitcoin Cash economy.

What you can find on this Wiki: