FDL Minecraft server configuration
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FDL Configuration


  • bash, curl, tar, jq
  • OpenJDK 17/19


The server can be installed using the following one-liner:

curl -L https://codeberg.org/FDL/configuration/raw/branch/main/install.sh | sh

The above line executes the install.sh script, pulling and unpacking the latest release of the server to server/. The release contains all required .jar files already (except the Mojang's server jar, it will be downloaded automatically on the first launch).

For manual installation - refer to the Scripts section. In case of a manual installation, you would also need to download PlaceholderAPI expansions from the game console, using:

  • /papi ecloud download Server and
  • /papi ecloud download Player

The server can be started using the start.sh file in the repo.


The repository includes a bunch of useful shell scripts:

  • install.sh - pulls the latest release with all the jars, ready for launch.
  • setup.sh - pulls the latest purpur.jar and plugins from the cloud, for use with cloned git repository.
  • install-plugins.sh - invoked by setup.sh, pulls the latest plugins from files.clmty.ru
  • cleanup.sh - cleans all autogenerated files by the server and it's plugins, returning the server to it's original state. Does not clean user-generated files.
  • package.sh - packs up the server into a server.tar.gz file. Used for distribution on the Releases page.
  • start.sh - starts the server with about 2GB of ram usage and a bunch of optimization flags. Recommended for use over just launching the server using the java command.