A very simple and lightweight tablist plugin.
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SimpleTab is a Bukkit/Purpur plugin, that implements the tablist (player list) header/footer configuration and dynamic information.

It has support for formatting colors using the ampersand (&) character, and support for PlaceholderAPI.


You can either compile the plugin from source or download a compiled .jar file from Releases.


For compiling you will need to have gradle installed.


git clone https://codeberg.org/FDL/SimpleTab.git
cd SimpleTab
gradle build

The built .jar file is going to be in build/libs/


The configuration file will be created on first launch of your server with the plugin, it's going to be in plugins/SimpleTab/config.yml.


# Text above player list
header: "A cool header"

# Text below player list
footer: "And a very cool footer"

# Update period in ticks (1 tick = 50ms)
updatePeriod: 20

You can use \n for newlines and & + char for formatting. As well you can use %placeholder% for dynamic information, if you have PlaceholderAPI installed.

You can also take a look at the example configuration that uses all 3 features.