Webapp to manage gamejams and their submissions. https://jamgaroo.xyz/
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Manage gamejams and their submissions.

Jamgaroo is supposed to be as minimal as possible and do only what it needs to to serve its purpose.


  • one time jams and jam series
  • user profiles with games and jams listed
  • integrated voting system
  • no javascript
  • no file hosting
  • markdown support for description text


There is no predefined way of running it in production just yet(in general not recommended to do so yet), to run a local copy simply clone the repo and then:

make run


There is an example jamgaroo.cfg file in the repo. Copy that and make adjustments as needed, then set the environment variable JAMGAROO_SETTINGS to the path to your configuration. Also set the environment variable JAMGAROO_DB to the path where you want the db to be stored.

Alternatively you can set each of the values in the example configuration file by prefixing JAMGAROO_ as environment variables.


Name Default Description
NAME "Jamgaroo" Name of your jamgaroo installtion
ADMINS ["Admin"] List of usernames that have admin rights
ABOUT see example conf Text shown on the "about" page
BLOCKED_USERNAMES ["admin", "jamgaroo", "webmaster"] List of usernames that cant be registered
DESCRIPTION see example conf Short description shown on index page
FOOTER see example conf Text shown at the bottom of each page
REGISTRATION_DISABLED False If True Registration will be disabled
SECRET_KEY b's3cr3t' See Flask Documentation. CHANGE THIS!
TOS see example conf Terms of Service, shown on the "tos" page


Contributions welcome! If you want to contribute, please look for an issue on the things you want to contribute and if there is none, please create one. Then fork the repository and create a merge request. Please add typing header and docstrings to your functions.