Webapp to manage gamejams and their submissions.
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Manage gamejams and their submissions.

Jamgaroo is supposed to be as minimal as possible and do only what it needs to to serve its purpose.


  • one time jams and jam series
  • user profiles with games and jams listed
  • integrated voting system
  • no javascript
  • no file hosting
  • markdown support for description text


There is no predefined way of running it in production just yet(in general not recommended to do so), to run a local copy simply clone the repo and then:

make run


Current colors are generated by adevades color theme generator with the brand color #34dcc8.



  • Manage jams
    • Create jams
    • Delete jams
    • Edit jams
  • Manage series
    • Create series
    • Delete series
    • Edit series
  • Manage submissions
    • Create submissions
    • Delete submissions
    • Edit submissions
  • Manage Ratings
    • Rate submissions
    • Edit rating
    • Delete rating
  • User management
    • Registration
    • Login
    • Edit Account
    • Delete Account
  • E-Mail
    • Account verification
    • Notifications