Google Chromium, sans integration with Google
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List of flags and switches

This is an exhaustive list of command-line switches and flags introduced by ungoogled-chromium.
Each switch has a corresponding entry on the chrome://flags page which can be filtered by searching for ungoogled-chromium.

If a switch requires a value, you must specify it with an = sign; e.g. flag --foo with value bar should be written as --foo=bar.

NOTE: If you add a command-line argument that is also in chrome://flags, the flag's state will not be indicated in chrome://flags. There is no universal way to ensure command-line flags are taking effect, but you can find if they're being seen by checking chrome://version.

  • Available on all platforms

    Switch                                    Description
    --disable-beforeunload Disables JavaScript dialog boxes triggered by beforeunload
    --disable-search-engine-collection Disable automatic search engine scraping from webpages.
    These flags adjust the tab strip behavior. Please note that they are not well tested, so proceed with caution.
    --extension-mime-request-handling Change how extension MIME types (CRX and user scripts) are handled. Acceptable values are download-as-regular-file or always-prompt-for-install. Leave unset to use normal behavior.
    --fingerprinting-canvas-image-data-noise (Added flag to Bromite feature) Implements fingerprinting deception for Canvas image data retrieved via JS APIs. In the data, at most 10 pixels are slightly modified.
    --fingerprinting-canvas-measuretext-noise (Added flag to Bromite feature) Scale the output values of Canvas::measureText() with a randomly selected factor in the range -0.0003% to 0.0003%, which are recomputed on every document initialization.
    --fingerprinting-client-rects-noise (Added flag to Bromite feature) Implements fingerprinting deception of JS APIs getClientRects() and getBoundingClientRect() by scaling their output values with a random factor in the range -0.0003% to 0.0003%, which are recomputed for every document instantiation.
    --hide-crashed-bubble Hides the bubble box with the message "Restore Pages? Chromium didn't shut down correctly." that shows on startup after the browser did not exit cleanly.
    --keep-old-history Disables deletion of local browser history after 90 days
    --max-connections-per-host (from Bromite) Configure the maximum allowed connections per host. Valid values are 6 and 15
    --omnibox-autocomplete-filtering Restrict omnibox autocomplete results to a combination of search suggestions (if enabled), bookmarks, and internal chrome pages. Accepts search, search-bookmarks, search-chrome, and search-bookmarks-chrome.
    --popups-to-tabs Makes popups open in new tabs.
  • Available only on desktop

    Switch                       Description
    --bookmark-bar-ntp Sets the visibility of the bookmark bar on the New Tab Page. Only takes the value never.
    --close-confirmation Show a warning prompt when closing the browser window. Accepts last (prompt when closing the last window with several tabs) and multiple (prompt only if more than one window is open).
    --close-window-with-last-tab Determines whether a window should close once the last tab is closed. Only takes the value never.
    --custom-ntp Allows setting a custom URL for the new tab page. Value can be internal (e.g. about:blank), external (e.g., or local (e.g. file:///tmp/startpage.html). This applies for incognito windows as well when not set to a chrome:// internal page.
    --hide-tab-close-buttons Hides the close buttons on tabs.
    --pdf-plugin-name Sets the internal PDF viewer plugin name. Useful for sites that probe JavaScript API navigator.plugins. Supports values chrome for Chrome, edge for Microsoft Edge. Default value when omitted is Chromium.
    --remove-grab-handle Removes the reserved empty space in the tabstrip for moving the window.
    --remove-tabsearch-button Removes the tabsearch button from the tabstrip.
    --scroll-tabs Determines if scrolling will cause a switch to a neighboring tab if the cursor hovers over the tabs, or the empty space beside the tabs. The flag requires one the values: always, never, incognito-and-guest. When omitted, the default is to use platform-specific behavior, which is currently enabled only on desktop Linux.
    --show-avatar-button Sets visibility of the avatar button. The flag requires one of the values: always, incognito-and-guest (only show Incognito or Guest modes), or never.
    --tab-hover-cards Allows removing the tab hover cards or using a tooltip as a replacement. This can be set with the values none or tooltip.
    • Available only on Windows

      Switch               Description
      --disable-encryption Disable encryption of cookies, passwords, and settings which uses a generated machine-specific encryption key. This is used to enable portable user data directories.
      --disable-machine-id Disables use of a generated machine-specific ID to lock the user data directory to that machine. This is used to enable portable user data directories.

Feature flags

Feature flags are similar to switches with the difference being that they are passed as values for the --enable-features switch. Multiple features can be passed at the same time by separating them with a comma, e.g. --enable-features=flag1,flag2,flag3.
These are also available on the chrome://flags page.

  • Available on all platforms

    Feature           Description
    SetIpv6ProbeFalse Forces the result of the browser's IPv6 probing (i.e. IPv6 connectivity test) to be unsuccessful. This causes IPv4 addresses to be prioritized over IPv6 addresses. Without this flag, the probing result is set to be successful, which causes IPv6 to be used over IPv4 when possible.
  • Available only on desktop

    Feature         Description
    ClearDataOnExit Clears all browsing data on exit.
    DisableQRGenerator Disables the QR generator for sharing page links.