Google Chromium, sans integration with Google
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Building ungoogled-chromium

The recommended way to build ungoogled-chromium is by consulting the repository for your supported platform (links here).

  • Linux users: If your distribution is not listed, you will need to use Portable Linux.

If you want to add ungoogled-chromium to your existing Chromium build process, see the next section. Additionally, you may reference the repositories for supported platforms for inspiration.

Integrating ungoogled-chromium into your Chromium build process

Typically, ungoogled-chromium is built from code in platform-specific repositories. However, ungoogled-chromium can also be included in part or in whole into any custom Chromium build. In this section, we will assume you already have a process to make your own Chromium builds.

NOTE: You may need additional patches and/or build configuration for your supported platform because this repository does not contain all the code necessary for all platforms.

Before continuing, you may find it helpful to have a look through the design documentation.

The following procedure outline the essential steps to build Chromium will all of ungoogled-chromium's features. They are not sufficient to build ungoogled-chromium on their own.

  1. Ensure Chromium is downloaded, such as by depot_tools. In most of our supported platforms, we instead use a custom tool to do this.
mkdir -p build/download_cache
./utils/ retrieve -c build/download_cache -i downloads.ini
./utils/ unpack -c build/download_cache -i downloads.ini -- build/src
  1. Prune binaries
./utils/ build/src pruning.list
  1. Apply patches
./utils/ apply build/src patches
  1. Substitute domains
./utils/ apply -r domain_regex.list -f domain_substitution.list -c build/domsubcache.tar.gz build/src
  1. Build GN. If you are using depot_tools to checkout Chromium or you already have a GN binary, you should skip this step.
mkdir -p build/src/out/Default
cd build/src
./tools/gn/bootstrap/ --skip-generate-buildfiles -j4 -o out/Default/
  1. Invoke the build:
mkdir -p build/src/out/Default
# NOTE: contains only a subset of what is needed to run the build.
cp build/src/out/Default/
cd build/src
# If you have additional GN flags to add, make sure to add them now.
./out/Default/gn gen out/Default --fail-on-unused-args
ninja -C out/Default chrome chromedriver chrome_sandbox

Building FAQ

My build keeps crashing because I run out of RAM! How can I fix it?

Here are several ways to address this, in decreasing order of preference:

  1. Decrease the number of parallel threads to Ninja (the -j flag)
  2. Add swap space