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set -eu
FADE="fade h 0.1 0.2 0.1"
for RATE in 8000 16000 32000 48000 ; do
sox -b 16 --rate $RATE -n -c1 outputC.wav synth sin C $FADE vol $VOL
sox -b 16 --rate $RATE -n -c1 outputCE.wav synth sin C sin E $FADE vol $VOL
sox -b 16 --rate $RATE -n -c1 outputCEG.wav synth sin C sin E sin G sin C5 $FADE vol $VOL
sox -b 16 --rate $RATE outputC.wav outputCE.wav outputCEG.wav conf-unmuted.wav
sox -b 16 --rate $RATE outputCEG.wav outputCE.wav outputC.wav conf-muted.wav
play conf-unmuted.wav -t alsa
play conf-muted.wav -t alsa
sleep 1
if [ "$ARG" = "--overwrite" ] ; then
cp -v conf-muted.wav conf-unmuted.wav ../roles/bbbcontainer/files/sounds/$RATE/
echo "To overwrite existing sounds, call $0 with '--overwrite' as argument."
rm conf-muted.wav conf-unmuted.wav outputCEG.wav outputCE.wav outputC.wav