Telegram -> Matrix stickerpack bot
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Telegram -> Matrix stickerpack importer

This bot allows for simple and quick copying Telegram stickers into Matrix rooms. Stickers can be used in clients that implemented them natively by Matrix (msc2545) like FluffyChat, Nheko and Cinny. Element currently does not support native stickers (can only display them when send by others).


  • Python 3.9+ and pip
  • Matrix account dedicated for the bot
  • Telegram API keys and bot token (Please don't share it with anyone)


git clone 
cd stickerbridge
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Copy example config file cp config.yaml.example config.yaml
  • Fill the config file with creditials for Matrix account and Telegram bot you created
  • Run the bot python stickerbridge/


Invite the bot in a room (currently does not support encrypted rooms), type !sb help to list available commands. Type !sb import <stickerpack name> to import stickerpack to the room, ex. !sb import bestblobcats. After importing is completed, you will see stickerpack in the menu.