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<title>Self-hosted Services</title>
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<h1 class="title">Self-hosted Services</h1>
<p style="text-align: center;">I host a variety of services for <b>public and private</b> use. Feel free to check any of them out; each service is ran with love!</p>
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<img class="icon" alt="[XMPP]" src="images/services/xmpp.svg">
<h2><a href="">XMPP</a></h2>
<a href=''><img alt="[100% Compliant]" style="float: left;" src=''></a>
<p><a href=""</a>XMPP</a> is a <b>federated chat and call service</b> that supports encryption.
Just like Email, <b>anyone can run a server,</b> but they aren't restricted to just the users on their specific server.
I run an <a href="">ejabberd</a> XMPP server for federated private and group chats.</p>
<h3>Movim XMPP Client</h3>
<p><b>There aren't many good XMPP clients.</b> <a href="">Movim</a> however is a fully-featured webclient for XMPP. I run an <a href="">instance of Movim</a> where you can use the client to chat and call with <b>any XMPP account.</b></p>
<h3 style="text-align: right; margin-right: 30px;"><a href="">Sign up on Movim →</a></h3>
<img class="icon" alt="[Matrix]" src="images/services/matrix.svg">
<h2><a href="">Matrix</a></h2>
<p><a href="">Matrix</a> is another federated chat service, just like <b>XMPP.</b> It supports more <b>user-friendly clients</b> like <a href="">Element,</a> and it has a <b>"Spaces" feature</b> which is similar to Discord's "servers".</p>
<h3 style="text-align: right; margin-right: 30px;"><a href=" would like a Matrix account please">Sign up by Email →</a></h3>
<img class="icon" alt="[Monero Node]" src="images/services/xmr.svg">
<p><a href="">Monero</a> is a <a href="">truly private, fungible and <b>usable</b></a> cryptocurrency. I run a <b>full node</b> that contributes to the network, which you can connect with from <code></code>.</p>
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<img class="icon" alt="[DenshiMumble]" src="images/services/mumble.svg">
<p><a href="">Mumble</a> is a free software text and voice chat software where you can directly connect to various servers and talk to people. You can connect to mine from <code></code>.</p>
<img class="icon" alt="[DenshiWiki]" src="images/services/denshiwiki.svg">
<h2><a href="">DenshiWiki</a></h2>
<p>This is a wiki full of <b>software</b> and <b>self-hosting</b> tutorials. There are also <b>"lore"</b> articles that run through the history of Denshi on the internet. It's powered by <a href="">Mycorrhiza.</a></p>
<img class="icon" alt="[DenshiArt]" src="images/services/denshiart.svg">
<h2><a href="">DenshiArt</a></h2>
<p>A complete archive of my old <b>art, music and photography.</b> The website uses a basic web file browser, but "lore" focused pages <a href="">are available</a> discussing specific music albums.</p>
<img class="icon" alt="[DenshiGit]" src="images/services/denshigit.svg">
<h2><a href="">DenshiGit</a></h2>
<p>A git server with matching web interface where you can find all of my software; it's got some shell scripts, some example dotfiles for Linux users, and more is added all the time.</p>
<img class="icon" alt="[Hidden Sites]" src="images/services/darknet.svg">
<h2><a href="">Hidden</a> <a href="">Sites</a></h2>
<p>For those <b>especially paranoid</b> about my webserver logging their IP address, this website is available through hidden or "invisible" services:</p>
<a href="http://denshibjj744ww6lu7n4rjz3ufn7232hhbyrl3wyit2rz77f24p3gbid.onion/">[TOR Hidden service]</a> ~
<a href="http://denshi.i2p/">[I2P Eepsite]</a></p>
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