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<h2>Denshi on the Web 🌐</h2>
<p>I am present on all sorts of corners on the web; Since I produce a variety of media, I've organized each type under different <b>"channels"</b>, where each channel is accessible on multiple platforms.</p>
<li><b>DenshiVideo,</b> where I post all my videos, is available on <a href="">YouTube</a> and <a href="$/invite/@DenshiVideo">Odysee.</a></li>
<li><b>DenshiWiki,</b> where various tutorials and self-hosting articles are written by contributors all over the world, is available <a href="">over here.</a></li>
<li><b>Sabaudia,</b> my band, has its <a href="">own website</a> and a <a href="">Bandcamp.</a></li>
<li>My <b>old art and photography</b> is available on
<a href="$/invite/@DenshiArt">Odysee</a> and
<a href="">DeviantArt,</a>
and my <b>old music</b> is available on
<a href="">Bandcamp.</a>
<b>Both archives</b> are available on the
<a href="">DenshiArt website.</a></li>
<h2>Denshi's Blog 📘</h2>
<p>I have this <a href="blog.html">blog</a> where I post all about <b><i>technology, self-hosting, software freedom,</i></b> and anything else really! My articles all include a <a href="">reply-to</a> link, so you can share your thoughts with me via email.</p>
<p>If you wish to be notified every time I publish a new blog entry, feel free to <b>subscribe to my <a href="rss.xml">RSS feed.</a></b>
<h2><i><a href="friends.html">→ Meet my friends!</a></i></h2>
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<h2>Denshi's blog entries</h2>
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<li>2022 May 16 &ndash; <a href="blog/new-band-new-album.html">New band, new album!</a></li>
<li>2022 Apr 05 &ndash; <a href="antiporn.html">Ban Pornography</a></li>
<li>2022 Apr 02 &ndash; <a href="blog/more-selfhosting-updates.html">More Self-Hosting Updates</a></li>
<li>2022 Jan 18 &ndash; <a href="blog/dont-put-up-bars.html">Don't put up bars.</a></li>
<li>2021 Dec 16 &ndash; <a href="blog/updates-a-new-denshiwiki-with-l33t-earlyweb-gifs.html">Updates: A new DenshiWiki! (With l33t early-web GIFs)</a></li>
<li>2021 Dec 03 &ndash; <a href="blog/updates-switching-to-codeberg-plans-for-future-videos.html">Updates: Switching to Codeberg, plans for future videos</a></li>
<li>2021 Nov 22 &ndash; <a href="blog/cvrt-ffmpeg-made-slightly-easier.html">cvrt: FFMPEG, made slightly easier</a></li>
<li>2021 Oct 16 &ndash; <a href="blog/archiving-some-older-videos.html">Archiving some older videos</a></li>
<li>2021 Oct 12 &ndash; <a href="blog/some-selfhosting-updates.html">Some self-hosting updates</a></li>
<li>2021 Oct 04 &ndash; <a href="blog/guide-to-gcse-and-alevel.html">Guide to GCSE and A-Level</a></li>
<li>2021 Sep 25 &ndash; <a href="blog/added-features-to-the-blog-system.html">Added features to the blog system</a></li>
<li style="list-style: none; margin-left: -1em;"><b><a href="blog.html">→ And so much more...</a></b></li>
<h2 title="Your money, going away to me">Donate 💸</h2>
<p>Like what I do? Have nothing better to spend money on? Well then, feel free to <b>donate</b> with <a href="">Monero</a> <a href="images/xmr.png">[QR]</a>:</p>
<a href="monero:48dnPpGgo8WernVJp5VhvhaX3u9e46NujdYA44u8zuMdETNC5jXiA9S7JoYMM6qRt1ZcKpt1J3RZ3JPuMyXetmbHH7Mnc9C">
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<p><b>All the money I receive</b> is used to improve my videos, music, art, guides, whatever else I'll be up to in the future...</p>
<h2><i><a href="faq.html">→ Still got questions?</a></i></h2>
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