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<title>More Self-Hosting Updates</title>
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<h1>More Self-Hosting Updates</h1>
<p class='date'>Sat, 02 Apr 2022 21:38:13 +0200</p>
<p>Starting from today, a few changes are being made to my self-hosting situation:</p>
<li>Matrix and XMPP have been <b>completely reset,</b> all users and rooms have been deleted.</li>
<li>Matrix and XMPP are <b>closed to registrations</b> (Please <a href="">email me</a> if you want a account).</li>
<li>The <b>PeerTube is down until further notice.</b> It's been very intensive to run and I'm trying to set up a faster server to run it.</li>
<li>My Art and Music archive website is currently under construction, but I'll be renaming it from <b>D.A.M.A</b> to <b>DenshiArt.</b></li>
<p>Most of this happened because one of my servers isn't working anymore. <b>I am planning to purchase a better server to run everything on,</b> but until then, I'll have to settle for closing the PeerTube temporarily.</p>
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