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<title>Lots of people on the Webring!</title>
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<h1>Lots of people on the Webring!</h1>
<p class='date'>Fri, 20 Aug 2021 11:30:20 +0400</p>
<p><i>Alright, I know, the <a href="">"webring"</a> is not actually a proper webring, just a list of poorly-linked websites, but I had no idea what to name the page otherwise.</i></p>
<p>I've added lots of new websites to the <a href="">webring page!</a> I've also added colorful icons next to everyone, for extra visual flair! I'm probably going to add a <a href="">few</a> more <a href="">friends</a> there, and maybe some social media links too.</p>
<p>Anyways, in other news, the shift over to the new domain, <b>,</b> begins! I've already moved the <a href="">PeerTube</a> and the <a href="">wiki</a> but the Matrix server will take a while to move over, if I move it at all.
I am considering switching over to XMPP though...</p>
<p>Anyways, I hope whoever's subscribed to this RSS feed keeps enjoying these new articles! I have tons more where this one came from!</p>
<footer>by <strong><a href=''>Denshi</a>, <a href=" of people on the Webring!">(Reply-to)</a></strong></footer>