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<title>Added features to the blog system</title>
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<h1>Added features to the blog system</h1>
<p class='date'>Sat, 25 Sep 2021 09:38:53 +0400</p>
<p><i>Recently, I've been tinkering around with Luke Smith's <a href="">'lb'</a> script and adding various useful features.</i></p>
<p>The most useful one (which you will notice at the bottom of this entry) is the new <a href=" clicked on a link in your article">(Reply-to)</a> link at the end of all articles. This is appended automatically by the script every time I publish a new article, and it works on RSS as well! This way, people have a convenient way of contacting me about any article; The link also sets the subject of your email to the title of my article, for extra comfiness.</p>
<p>One minor addition is that I fixed the links in the RSS feed. Now my articles link directly to their blog page counterparts, and not to the very unhelpful rolling blog page. I hope this makes reading my articles more convenient for all.</p>
<p>I am considering getting rid of the rolling blog page in future, or maybe adding some extra features. If you have any suggestions, click the "Reply-to" link and send me an email with your ideas!</p>
<footer>by <strong><a href=''>Denshi</a> <a href=" features to the blog system">(Reply-to)</a></strong></footer>