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DebXWoody bd5fd1dc42 XEP-dot png file 4 weeks ago
profanity Add 'profanity/Makefile' 10 months ago
0001-Editor-command-call-vim.patch Upload files to '' 10 months ago
0001-OMEMO-Logging-info-and-warnings.patch OMEMO: Logging info and warnings 1 year ago Initial commit 2 years ago
Test „Test“ hinzufügen 2 years ago
profanity.pc „profanity.pc“ hinzufügen 2 years ago
readspell.c readline and aspell 2 years ago
rl_down_arrow_handler.c rl_done = 1; 2 years ago
sign-with-sub.c Upload files to '' 6 months ago
xep-dot.c xep-dot.c 2 years ago
xep-dot.png XEP-dot png file 4 weeks ago
xmpptest xmpptest 2 months ago