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namespace Fable.Etebase
open Fable.Core
open Fable.Core.JS
open Fable.Core.JsInterop
type Account =
abstract serverUrl: string with get, set
abstract user: LoginResponseUser with get, set
abstract authToken: string option with get, set
abstract getInvitationManager: unit -> CollectionInvitationManager
abstract save: ?encryptionKey: byte array -> Promise<string>
abstract getCollectionManager: unit -> CollectionManager
abstract logout: unit -> Promise<unit>
abstract fetchToken: unit -> Promise<unit>
abstract changePassword: password: string -> Promise<unit>
abstract getDashboardUrl: unit -> Promise<string>
type IAccount =
abstract login: username: string * password: string * ?serverUrl: string -> Promise<Account>
abstract signup: user: User * password: string * ?serverUrl: string -> Promise<Account>
abstract isEtebaseServer: serverUrl: string -> Promise<bool>
abstract restore: accountDataStored: string * ?encryptionKey: byte array -> Promise<Account>
module Account =
[<Import("Account", "etebase")>]
let Account: IAccount = jsNative