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Install: npm i cachebust-es6-imports-cli -D

cachebust-es6-imports-cli is a command line app that allows you to cachebust es6 imports.

For example, cachebust-es6-imports-cli will take the following js file:

import { Thing } from "./index.js";

console.log('hi from index.js');

and convert it to:

import { Thing } from "./index_HILQ1xmt0EvHZnXdypa0.js";

console.log('hi from index.js');

The cache bust string is set either via the environment variable CACHE_BUST_STRING, or via the --cachebuststring cli flag.

Here is an example of how you would use this via npm scripts:

"build": "CACHE_BUST_STRING=$(random string) NODE_ENV=production run-s build:**",
"build:cachebust-js-files": "laren \"./dist/js/**/*.js\" \"f => f.replace('.js', '_' + process.env.CACHE_BUST_STRING + '.js')\"",
"build:cachebust-js-file-imports": "cachebust-es6-imports-cli --glob \"./dist/js/**/*.js\"",

So in the example above, we use laren to rename the .js files in the dist folder using the CACHE_BUST_STRING, then we use cachebust-es6-imports-cli to rename the imports so they match up to the changed file names. (This of course assumes that you are moving your source files to another folder as you would not want to change the source files).

Note: the cache bust string does not represent a hash of the javascript file. It is just a random string.

You can also ignore certain imports using the --ignore cli flag. It takes a string that is put into a javascript Regexp. E.g. --ignore 'foo*' or --ignore 'merp\.js$'

Usage: cachebust-es6-imports-cli [options]

  -g, --glob <glob>                        File glob
  -c, --cachebuststring <cachebuststring>  Cache bust string
  -i, --ignore <ignore>                    Ignore specific imports using a RegExp string (optional)
  -h, --help                               display help for command