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Creating New Javascript Apps

My Fav Build Tools:
  • If you are coding the server, you can use a plugin to cachebust the urls for css,js etc. So for example, a liquidjs plugin could do this:
    • const cachebust = url => (url + '?v=' + (isDev() ? : appVersion))
    • and then we would use it in the liquid template like this: <script src="{{ '/js/settings-page.js' | cachebust }}" type="module"></script>
  • A one-liner for cachebusting es6 imports: foreach --glob "front-build/js/**/*.js" --execute "grasp 'import-dec.source[value~=/^((?!vendor).)*\.js/]' --replace '{{ | replace .js, _${cacheBustString}.js}}' --to '#{path}' #{path}
Nodejs only:
Web only:
Nodejs & Web: