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devTasks Reworked packageApp devTask 3 years ago
resources Removed readme images. 3 years ago
.babelrc Updated node version in .babelrc 3 years ago
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package-lock.json Updated 3 years ago
package.json Switched observing blueLossEnabled changes to sending messages back and forth from frontend to backend and vice verca when blueLossEnabled is changed as I was running into circular issues with the gawk observer. Fixed it so that if you disable BlueLoss and devices you are looking for go away and then you re-enable BlueLoss, it doesn't lock straight away. Removed some unused packages. Removed zenity from os notifications as it looks terrible and is annoying as it focuses the notification so you have to dismiss it. 3 years ago
webpack.config.js Removed unneeded object spread in webpak.config.js 3 years ago