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## TLDR; You have full control and responsibility over your data.
We have a minimum-collection policy. Aside from essential data required to keep the service running, we are not collecting additional user or tracking data.
### User contributions
For all data you contribute (for example code, content, repositories, account details and settings), you have full responsibility and control to add, modify, create this data. If some data cannot be modified by users, this is considered a technical bug that needs urgent fixing. Please report all issues to the Community Issue Tracker.
### Backup files
After you deleted your data in your account, rotating off-line backup files can continue to exist for up to 30 days according to GDPR guidelines.
### IP logging
Server log files can contain client IP addresses and user agent strings from connecting computers. These log files are destroyed automatically within at most seven days.
### Codeberg e.V. membership data
Law requires us to maintain up-to-date records of our membership data. This is the data you enter in the form if you wish to join the Codeberg e.V., name, address, contact address and bank connection. This record is encrypted with public-key encryption immediately after form submission. In addition to the data record entered by the user, the join form adds the registration timestamp and client IP, to detect and block abuse.
### Records from testing service and pre-announcement subscription list
The pre-announcement subscription list was intended for single use only and has been deleted after the announcement of the launch. Accounts on pre-announcement testing services have been migrated to, where possible. These accounts and the connected data can be deleted using the "Delete Account" button on your personal account page. All unused data from testing servers has been deleted after launch.