Source code for the Codeberg e.V. registration web service.
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This is the registration server used for the form.


Incoming user data from forms is immediately encrypted using GnuPG Public-Key Encryption. No private key is ever stored on the server.

Encrypted registration records are sent via email to the registration accounts, from where they are fetched and processed off-line.

Files, Overview                                ## This file
main.go                                  ## Source code of the reg-server 
etc/                                     ## The config file template folder, copied to target host at deployment
etc/systemd/system/reg-server.service    ## Systemd service to launch, monitor and restart the reg-service
etc/reg-server/public-key.asc.gpg        ## The public GnuPG key used for encryption on the server
etc/reg-server/static/                   ## Static webapp content
etc/reg-server/templates/                ## Language-dependent templates. Translations welcome.

Build+test locally

make BUILDDIR=/tmp/build && ./reg-server

Then point your browser at http://localhost:5000/


You may want to start ssh-agent and do ssh-add before calling make deployment, to avoid typing your ssh passphrase several times. Then do:

make -C HOSTNAME_FQDN=<hostname> deployment