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[{key UsingImages} {title Using Images} {parent Markdown} {order 60}]

It is possible to include images into the rendered form of a Markdown article.

Please refer to the article on Screenshots on how to use and include images in the Codeberg documentation.

The syntax of including images is similar to the syntax of links.

![The alternative text](images/image.png "title")

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The image link consists of three parts:

  • The alternative text - is added in the alt attribute of the rendered image
  • the link part - is a URI or URL to an image file, which is then included in the rendered article
  • the title - is added into the title attribute of the rendered image (most browser show it on mouse-over)

Location of image files

Image files can be placed within the folder structure of your article or documentation. Apart from that images can be referenced by a URL and are thus included from the internet location the URL points to.