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Markdown can help you to divide a document into several parts using topics (a.k.a headings).

Topics can be specified in two ways:

  • with one or more leading hash characters # (ATX-Style)
  • by underlining a topic with dashes - or equal signs = (Setext-Style)

The Setext provides only two layers of subdivision and the ATX-Style provides up to 6.

The Codeberg documentation uses the ATX-style. In the documentation, the first topic is omitted as it is already provided in the header section of the documentation file. See the article on How do I create a new article? for further details.

Note: This document may seem a little unstructured, as there are a bunch of topics with only a small amount of text. Unfortunately, there is no other way to present Topics in Markdown.

Examples of topics with hash characters

# 1st Topic

1st Topic

## 2nd Topic

2nd Topic

### 3rd Topic

3rd Topic

Examples of topics with dashes and equal signs

This is a topic

This is a topic

This is another topic

This is another topic