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Questions and Issues

The most important place to ask for help and report any issues with Codeberg is the Codeberg/Community issue tracker. It's never wrong to open a ticket there.

If you need quicker help or want to freely discuss topics, or follow up on Codeberg news, you can

  • join the community on Matrix! General discussions take place in the Codeberg room.
  • follow us on Mastodon, or if you aren't on the free and federated social network yet, on Twitter. You can also send us a direct message (Mastodon / Fediverse will have quicker response times, though).
  • join the unofficial (community-created) #codeberg IRC channel at
  • use the unofficial (community-created) Codeberg Subreddit


For user support on that can not be handled by the channels mentioned above (e.g. because it requires sensitive information), you can send an email to
If you need to get in touch with the people behind the non-profit Codeberg e.V. (e.g. for managing your membership etc), please instead write to

For legal inquiries, please refer to the Imprint.


If you notice some unwanted content on, please immediately report this to us, describing briefly why you think this should be removed. Please note that Codeberg is a platform for software development, and we are only responsible for content on,, and If you visited Codeberg from another domain, this is likely because the software itself is developed at Codeberg. Please reach out to the corresponding developer or to the operator of the platform directly.

The preferred way to contact us about abuse is by writing an email to If you'd like, you can also reach out via Mastodon or the Matrix chat, but if you have the time to get to an email client, we'd really appreciate that.