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## Legal inquiries
For legal inquiries, please refer to the [Imprint](
### Abuse
If you notice some unwanted content on, please immediately report this to us, describing briefly why you think this should be removed.
Please note that **Codeberg is a platform for software development**, and we are **only responsible for content on**,, and
If you visited Codeberg from another domain, this is likely because the software itself is developed at Codeberg.
Please reach out to the corresponding developer or to the operator of the platform directly.
The preferred way to contact us about abuse is by writing an email to [](
If you prefer, you can also reach out via Mastodon or the Matrix chat, but if you have the time to get to an email client, we'd really appreciate that.


@ -18,6 +18,22 @@ Codeberg is not a corporation but a community of free software enthusiasts provi
a humane, non-commercial and privacy-friendly alternative to commercial services
such as GitHub.
## Our Mission
The development of Free and Open Source Software is experiencing an unbroken boom, due to the general availability of the internet and the resulting social network effects, multiplying communication, exchange of ideas, and productivity each and every month.
The number of developers and projects participating in the Open-Source movement is growing exponentially.
Only new software tools and collaboration platforms made these dynamics possible and manageable.
While all successful software tools that enabled this development were contributed by the Free and Open Source Software community, commercial for-profit platforms dominate the hosting of the results of our collaborative work.
This has led to the paradox that literally millions of volunteers create, collect, and maintain invaluable knowledge, documentation, and software, to feed closed platforms driven by commercial interests, whose program is neither visible nor controllable from outside.
Considering the fate of formerly successful startups like SourceForge, we need to break the circle and avoid history repeating.
The mission of the Codeberg e.V. is to build and maintain a free collaboration platform for creating, archiving, and preserving code and to document its development process.
Dependencies on commercial, external, or proprietary services for the operation of the platform are thus decidedly avoided, in order to guarantee independence and reliability.
[Read more at Codeberg's intial announcement](
## Codeberg vs. Gitea
[Gitea]( is a free software for Git-based software development that powers Codeberg. Compared to Codeberg, Gitea is not a hosted service, but the free software tool to build those. Everyone can install their own Gitea instance to host their own projects. There are also some Gitea instances next to Codeberg you can use, but please make sure you find a site that is actively maintained and updated, and that you trust the provider.