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  • Do use the logo to link to your Codeberg repository
  • Do pick and chose the best fit from the Logo-Kit, make sure to always use the white version on dark backgrounds.
  • Do print the logo on t-shirts and mugs because you think Codeberg is great :D


  • Don't deform the logo by stretching, compressing or skewing
  • Don't put the blue instead of the white variant on rather dark backgrounds
  • Don't tint the logo in a custom color
  • Don't put the logo on a background that is noisy or has a poor contrast
  • Don't detach and rearrange the logo symbol & logotype
  • Don't add a second color to the logo
  • Don't add new elements to the logo

© Logo material is licensed under CC0 Codeberg and the Codeberg Logo are trademarks of Codeberg e.V

Font - "Inter"

The default font for Codeberg is "Inter" from Rasmus Andersson. Inter is packed with features and optionally comes as a variable font, it is licensed under the OFL and is free to download, you can also participate in its development on its home repository.

© "Inter" is released under the SIL OpenFontLicense


Blue & Green are the primary colors, each with a more vibrant variant for the brighter tones.
Red & Yellow are keys to highlight elements and draw focus.
Black & White embrace the nature of plain text where needed.
The palette is a guide. Shades (variation of Lightness) of palette colors are valid, too, as the gradients indicate.

#2185D0 #44ADFF #73CCC6 #97E1E7 #E79125 #FFEA69
#0B3049 #144B49 #A7681A #000000