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Codeberg Fonts

An internal font hosting site for Codeberg


Currently, Codeberg Fonts is intended to be an internal, central site for hosting fonts for the various web sites that belong to Codeberg.

That is to improve performance, reduce traffic and to be able to easily distribute complete web fonts, without inflating the size of the individual site repositories too much.


In content/_data you can find a YAML file for each font that is hosted on Codeberg fonts. That file describes where to get and how to build the font, as well as its licensing.

The contents of these yaml files are used to build the final site.


Local Development

If you want to work on the site the easiest way to do so is to fork the codeberg-fonts repository and develop locally.

First, run

npm install

to install all dependencies (they will be installed only for this project, not globally). You only have to do this once.

Then run

npm run serve

to start a development web server that by default is listening at http://localhost:8080.

Now you can simply change, add or remove files, save them and the development server should automatically reload all changed pages using the amazing Browsersync.

Be advised that the fonts will not be automatically rebuilt, so if you add or modify files in a way that requires the font to be rebuilt, please stop the server, run

npm run build-fonts

and then start the server again.

Build & Deployment

Like for local development, before building and deploying you first have to install the dependencies (once):

npm install

To build the entire website to the _site directory run

npm run build

Instead, to directly publish the page to Codeberg pages, you can also run

npm run deploy

which includes a call to npm run build.

This website (excluding bundled and/or shipped fonts) is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0. Please see the file for details.