Escambo is an HTTP-based APIs test application for GNOME. Mirrored from:
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Escambo is an HTTP-based APIs test application made in GTK4/Libadwaita.

🏗️ Build

We need the following resources:

  • org.gnome.Sdk
  • flatpak-builder

Clone, build and run:

Clone the latest Escambo source from GitHub

git clone

Enter the directory and build

cd escambo
flatpak-builder build io.github.cleomenezesjr.Escambo.json --user --install --force-clean


cd escambo
flatpak run io.github.cleomenezesjr.Escambo

That's it!

⌨️ I want to contribute!

That's great!

Here are some basic rules to get you started: Commits should start with a Capital letter and should be written in present tense (e.g. 🎉 Add cool new feature instead of 🎉 Added cool new feature). You should also start your commit message with one applicable emoji. This does not only look great but also makes you rethink what to add to a commit. Make many but small commits!

Emoji Description
🎉 :tada: When you added a cool new feature.
🔧 :wrench: When you added a piece of code.
♻️ :recycle: When you refactored a part of the code.
:sparkles: When you applied code-format.
🌐 :globe_with_meridians: When you worked on translations.
🎨 :art: When you improved / added assets like themes.
💄 :lipstick: When you worked on the UI of the preferences dialog.
🚀 :rocket: When you improved performance.
📝 :memo: When you wrote documentation.
🪲 :beetle: When you fixed a bug.
💞 :revolving_hearts: When a new sponsor is added or credits are updated.
✔️ :heavy_check_mark: When you worked on checks or adjusted the code to be compliant with them.
🔀 :twisted_rightwards_arrows: When you merged a branch.
🔥 :fire: When you removed something.
🚚 :truck: When you moved / renamed something.

🔄 Why "Escambo"

Escambo, in general, means exchange or barter. In the history of colonial Brazil, however, the term appears frequently associated with the type of relations established between the Portuguese and the indigenous people in the first decades of the 16th century.


The name is an allusion to the exchange mechanism that allows communication between the application and other external systems. With affection, I want to start giving more meaning to the culture and history of Brazil through my apps.