My Freecodecamp projects
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FreeCodeCamp Projects

Hi. This repo has all the projects I do for the Freecodecamp Certifications.

For the code, just browse through the repo. For the previews, see below:

Responsive Web Design

Survey Form

Tribute Page

Technical Documentation Page

Product landing page

Personal Portfolio

Frontend Development Libraries

Random Quote Machine

Markdown Previewer

Drum Machine


25 + 5 Clock

Data Visualization

Bar Chart

Scatterplot Graph

Heat Map

Choropleth Map

Treemap Diagram

Backend Development and APIs

Timestamp Microservice

Request Header Parser Microservice

URL Shortener Microservice

Exercise Tracker

File Metadata Microservice

Quality Assurance

Metric-Imperial Converter

Issue Tracker

Personal Library

Sudoku Solver

American British Translator