A Democratic Social Network. Currently available at https://democraticnet.de The Test Server is available at https://test.democraticnet.de
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CSDUMMI 0528095703 Creating a GraphQL only API 5 months ago
DemNet Parsing error fixed. 2 years ago
server Creating a GraphQL only API 5 months ago
Agreements.elm Colors background set. 2 years ago
Authentication.elm Showing a users bio if the user viewing that users profile is unauthenticated. 2 years ago
Dashboard.elm padding generally set to 1vw. 2 years ago
Editor.elm Compiled Editor.elm again with the color definitions moved into a seperate module. 2 years ago
Login.elm Only enabling registration if registration is enabled. 2 years ago
Proposals.elm Applied Legislation and File Uploads. 2 years ago