Data for the dn42 / CRXN interconnection is stored here.
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DN42 / CRXN interconnection

Data on the DN42 / CRXN interconnection is stored here. This includes the CRXN dummy ASN, the CRXN website and the operators of the gateways.


Submit new gateway

If you want to run a gateway yourself, that's no problem. Create a file for it in the gateways folder. Execute (if you can) the generate_markdown_gateways.rb script in the scripts folder.


Gateway JSON object

    "dn42": {
        "asn": ["asn1", "asn2"],
        "contact": ["PERSON-DN42"]
    "permission": "issued"
  • dn42
    • asn: Array of AS numbers that the operator will use to operate the gateway.
    • contact: An array of dn42 person or rule objects containing contact information to contact the operator.
  • permission: Every new operator needs the approval of the CRXN community. The following values are possible:
    • issued: The CRXN has agreed and the operator is allowed to operate the gateway.
    • denied: All objects with this status must be removed.