My new website/CMS (made in Next.js)
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⚠️ Please don't host this code on GitHub! More information

💻 CPlusPatch Web

A work-in-progress personal website, portfolio and CMS built with Next.js and TypeScript

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

Key Features

  • Lightning-fast, responsive and secure
  • Server-side rendering allowing for smaller JS payloads and better website metrics
  • Optimized as much as possible
  • Full user authentication with password resets, profile editing, avatar upload, user roles (such as admin)
  • Admin dashboard and user manager
  • Full CRUD with Markdown (on a hidden page)
  • < 200 kB initial JS payload for every page (I am looking onto reducing this)

Planned features

  • Full user auth Done!
  • User roles Done!
  • Full Markdown CRUD Done!
  • User profiles Done!
  • Page theming - Being worked on right now

How to access the CMS?

Simply click the "CMS" link on site navbar or visit /blog in a web browser

Getting your own version setup

Downloading and running

Install Node.js (version 18 LTS is recommended for this project) and Git, then clone the repository:

# Clone this repository
$ git clone

# Go into the repository
$ cd cpluspatch-cms-next

# Install dependencies
$ yarn

# Run the app
$ yarn dev

Database setup

  1. Create a new project at
  2. Open the project's Table Editor and create two new tables named accounts and user. Set up these columns:
export interface Accounts {
  	id: number
	name: string | null
	username: string | null
	avatar: string | null
	// This should be linked to the "id" column of the "users"
	// table (change schema to "auth" to see it)
	user_id: string | null // ⬅ linked to auth:users:id
	role: string | null
	id: number
    about_me: string | null

export interface Posts {
	id: number
	created_at: string | null
	content: string | null
	author: number | null
	title: string | null
	description: string | null
	slug: string | null
	visibility: string | null
	banner: string | null

Environment variables

Copy .env.example to .env:

cp .env.example .env

Setup Supabase with the previously mentioned database schema and then fill in your API keys (anon and master) inside the .env file. Then, create an account at and fill in your endpoint and API keys (both public and private). Don't forget to change NEXT_PUBLIC_HOSTNAME to your app's public URL! (http://localhost:3000 for a dev server)


Generating types

Install the Supabase CLI and run the following command to generate up-to-date types:

supabase gen types typescript --project-id "$PROJECT_ID" --schema public > types/supabase.ts

NOTE: Please check types/types.d.ts


This software uses the following open source libraries, and more! Check out package.json for a list of all the librarues


Please see COPYING for more details. This software is licensed under GNU GPLv3