WiP codeberg matrix server scripts
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Put https://gitlab.com/famedly/ansible/collections/matrix under ansible_collections/famedly/matrix. Run ansible-galaxy collection install community.postgresql.


Run with ansible-playbook --ask-vault-pass -i inventories/matrix/inventory.yml playbooks/<playbook> first the postgres one, then the matrix one.

New vault variables can be created with: ansible-vault encrypt_string --stdin-name 'matrix_synapse_pg_pass'.


  • SSO signin only (but this means bots need to get an access token first)
  • add chat.codeberg-test.org to SSO client whitelist
  • Email notification support
  • Fully check through synapse config file once (i.e. url preview url blacklist is currently set but shouldn't I think)
  • Set up metrics (synapse -> prometheus, prometheus-node-exporter + grafana)
  • numeric uids from codeberg are currently not working
  • set up Mjolnir for moderation
  • Limit room complexity that synapse is allowed to join
  • allow adding to room directory only via codeberg interface?
  • fully allow managing rooms+permissions through codeberg
  • enable using workers through synapse role
  • probably many more things...

Haproxy config snippets

Needs haproxy >=2.2 (i.e. buster-backports)

	http-request return content-type "application/json" string "{\"m.server\": \"matrix.codeberg-test.org:443\"}" if { path /.well-known/matrix/server }
	http-request return content-type "application/json" string "{\"m.homeserver\": {\"base_url\": \"https://matrix.codeberg-test.org\"}}" hdr Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" if { path /.well-known/matrix/client }
	acl host_matrix hdr(host) -i matrix.codeberg-test.org:443
	acl host_matrix hdr(host) -i matrix.codeberg-test.org
	acl host_chat hdr(host) -i chat.codeberg-test.org
	acl matrix-path path_beg /_matrix
	acl matrix-path path_beg /_synapse/client
	use_backend matrix if host_matrix matrix-path
	use_backend element if host_chat

backend matrix
	server matrix

backend element
	server matrix