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#ifndef ARGP_H__
#define ARGP_H__
/* The contents of argv[0] when ARGBEGIN is called */
char *progname;
/* Starts iterating over each argument passed to the program, running each
* character through a user-defined switch statement if the argument starts
* with '-'
#define ARGBEGIN for(progname=*argv++,argc--;*argv&&**argv=='-';argv++,argc--){\
int used_next = 0;\
while (*++*argv)\
/* Concludes the ARGBEGIN macro, skipping an argument if ARGNEXT is used. */
#define ARGEND if (used_next && argc > 1) {\
} /* closes for loop from ARGBEGIN */
/* Gets the next argument and sets it to <str>. If there are no more arguments,
* the <h> expression is ran and <str> is set to NULL
#define ARGNEXT(str, h) (used_next++,(str)=argc>1?*(argv+1):((h),NULL))
#endif /* ARGP_H__ */