Hosts for the PrivMod. Provided as-is, with no complaints accepted.
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BlinJail's PrivMod Hosts

This is a repo for the hosts file used in my PrivMod guide, and also my personal hosts file.

Last updated: 10/6/2021


  • Download the source code in zip (or tar.gz) from the Releases (or the download repository button).
  • Unzip (or un-tar) the source code into a folder of choice.
  • Hosts file and/or adaway-backup.json is now ready to use.



  • This hosts file can be marked as a malware by Windows Defender (and probably some other Windows "antivirus" software) because it blocks Windows telemetry domains. Either disable Windows Defender's RTP, tune your antivirus solution so it doesn't give a damn about your hosts, or, even better, don't interact with the hosts on Windows 10 (and above if Microsoft goes for it).
  • This hosts file are generated by the AdAway app, so you're probably better off using the sources above. An adaway-backup.json is also available for easy input of the sources in AdAway.
  • Hosts file are provided as-is, with no guarantee of updates / fixes when there's any issues.


  • AdAway for stuff like the hosts & the app
  • StevenBlack for his complete hosts (this hosts use his Unified hosts + gambling + social)
  • Jorgu81 for his hosts (Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, Samsung, SpyMicrosoft)
  • John Wu for Magisk
  • And anyone else who definitely should receive credits that I didn't mention