monocles translation a safe and private translator running through a solar powered monocles server. The app is based on TranslateYou by Bnyro. More about monocles:
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monocles translator

Powerful Translator App built with Material Design 3 (You) supporting different translation engines.

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  • more than 150 supported languages (standard version)
  • 30 supported languages (libre version)
  • Material Design 3 (You)
  • Dark and light theme
  • Support native Android sharing system
  • Multilingual interface
  • Translation from images
  • Entirely Open Source
  • Written in Jetpack Compose


Get it on F-Droid Get it on Codeberg

Supported translation engines


Feedback and contributions

All contributions are very welcome!

  • Feel free to join the XMPP room for discussions about the app.
  • Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted here (please make sure to fill out all the requested information properly!).
  • If you are a developer and wish to contribute to the app, please fork the project and submit a pull request.


Translation status

Translations are greatly appreciated.
If monocles translator is not in your language, feel free to participate by:

Privacy Policy

Translate You's privacy policy is available here


monocles translator is licensed under the GNU General Public License: You can use, study and share it as you want.