GDScript 17 0

A free/libre fast-paced arcade collection of mini-games.

Updated 6 hours ago

Java 112 16

Android client for Gitea(, or your custom hosted server)

Updated 1 day ago

C 146 38

A fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator

Updated 2 days ago

A curated list of FOSS, OSS, and/or Federated alternatives to proprietary software and services.

Updated 1 week ago

Hugo-powered website of the "" project |

Updated 4 months ago

Minimal plaintext password store

Updated 6 months ago

A curated list of awesome GNU/Linux tips & tricks, games, tools, and resources

Updated 8 months ago

Markdown 34 5

A list of free and open source software (FOSS) containing proprietary Google binaries. Read-only mirror of

Updated 10 months ago

Firefox addon to encrypt text securely and easily with AES

Updated 10 months ago

An attempt to create a simple C compiler.

Updated 1 year ago

A discord bot written in Rust.

Updated 1 year ago

DiscordRPC for GZDoom, written in Rust.

Updated 1 year ago

TypeScript 31 4

A WebExtension to redirect ALL YouTube and Twitter requests to their alternative interfaces.

Updated 1 year ago

mpc, but implemented in Rust.

Updated 1 year ago