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<title>Arctic's Website</title>
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<h1>Hello, My name is Arctic!</h1>
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<img src="assets/pfp.png" alt="Image failed to load">
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<h2>About Me:</h2>
<p>I like FOSS, Linux, video games and some other things.</p>
<p>I sometimes share my thoughts on the internet when I decide they are not dumb.</p>
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<h2>Where to find me:</h2>
<h4>Matrix: <a href=""></a></h4>
<h4>Discord: Arctic#7811</h4>
<h4>Mastodon: <a rel="me" href=""></a></h4>
<h4>Codeberg: <a href="">ArcticTheRogue</a></h4>
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<h2>Blog posts:</h2>
<h4><a rel="me" href="blogs/happiness.html">4/12/2021 - Is happiness a choice?</a></h4>
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<p>Source code available <a href="">here</a> licensed under <a href="">CC-BY-SA 4.0</a></p>