My Linux dotfiles
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ArcticTheRogue a04524cfa1 For some reason picom did not remove last time so I am trying again 11 months ago
Openbox Added Openbox files 1 year ago
Xresources Updated Xresources 1 year ago
bashrc Switched to doas, changed aliases accordingly 1 year ago
bspwm Added bspwm config 1 year ago
compton Switched back to compton as picom was causing graphical issues and changed names of directorys and files accordingly 11 months ago
polybar Updated polybar config 1 year ago
sxhkd Added sxhkd config 1 year ago
xinitrc Switched back to bspwm and editing compton line to also include using config 11 months ago Fixed grammer mistake in readme 1 year ago Added install section for bashrc 1 year ago Added install and uninstall scripts 1 year ago


What is this?

This is a repository for my dotfiles also know as config files. If you would like to use them you can.

Any plans?

Yes, I plan on improving my polybar config along with adding some keybindings to urxvt.


To install my dotfiles make the script executable with chmod +x and run it. If you wish to remove my dotfiles from your system do the same with the script. Note that will remove all the files installed besides the .bashrc including the .xinitrc.

Is that all?

For now yes.