A simple webpage that fetches and displays Nostr posts with the hashtag #nostrmarket.
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Nostr Market


Buy and sell products, services and jobs for Bitcoin. (https://sovrnbitcoiner.com/get-started-with-bitcoin-circular-economies/)

Simple webpage that fetches and displays Nostr posts with the hashtag #nostrmarket.

Currently uses Nostr.band's RSS (feeds_rss.js) or API (feeds_api.js) to fetch posts.

Preview it here: https://nostr.bitejo.com

To install, just download the zip and extract it to your web host. Change the hashtag in feeds_api.js if you want to display other data.

Publish a listing

Write a post with the hashtag #nostrmarket and one of these tags #selling #buying #service #job using your regular Nostr client and your listing will display on the webpage.

Order a listing

Click on the listing to message the seller with your regular Nostr client.

Nostr Market does not process payments. Contact the seller to pay them directly with Bitcoin.

Possible improvements

  • Make a UI that is more similar to Ebay, Etsy, etc.
  • [Done] Add regex to scrape price (listed in BTC or sats)
  • Add a product form for easier formatting and search, e.g.:
    • Type: Selling
    • Title: Thinkpad T480
    • Description: Refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad T480 in excellent condition.
    • Photo: https://imgur.com/thinkpad.jpg
    • Price: 0.015 BTC
    • Location: United States (worldwide shipping)
  • Use a CLI client to fetch #nostrmarket posts (to reduce API load)
  • Cache posts (for speed and reduced API load)
  • Convert photos to thumbnails on the backend or via an API (to use less mobile data)

A more complex system...

  • A more complex system could use different post types:
    • Instead of a profile, you have a store
    • Instead of posts, you have products
    • Instead of comments, you have reviews
    • Instead of private messages, you have orders
  • Payments could be implemented via Zaps
  • Each marketplace has its own channel/tag that users can subscribe to
    • Either public or invite-only (e.g. for local marketplaces)
  • Implementation of a Lightning Escrow
    • Possibly with a marketplace of mediators, like Bitrated.com
  • Autofulfill for digital products
    • Example: Receive a download link for an e-book or a gift card code, as soon as your Zap is detected
  • Client ideas
    • An ecommerce frontend like WooCommerce for online stores
    • A simple classifieds frontend like Craigslist for one-time sales
    • Possibly a Gofundme/Kickstarter frontend where donations are Zaps

I probably won't start to work on this anytime soon, so feel free to take this concept and build something with it.



This code is in the public domain. Feel free to use it for your own projects.