Wine-based Game Launcher for FreeBSD
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Suyimazu is a launcher that aims to run Windows games/launcher and more easily through Wine on FreeBSD
by providing/applying the required fixes and workarounds.



To install Suyimazu from the FreeBSD repositorys along with all dependencies execute:
pkg install suyimazu



To uninstall Suyimazu along with all dependencies execute:
pkg uninstall suyimazu
pkg autoremove

To cleanup also the Suyimazu userdata execute:
rm -r -d $HOME/.local/share/Suyimazu



If you have any problems, suggestions etc.. please open an issue here.
Alternatively you can reach me at:

FreeBSD Discord
FreeBSD Matrix Group
FreeBSD Community Steam Group



Brandon Ayers - Testing games
Epychan - Testing games and reporting fixes
MagZu - Hosting files in the past
Rvtsv - Testing games
shiorid - Testing games



The application itself is licensed under the BSD 2-Clause,
the logo is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.