Wine front-end for FreeBSD
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Mizutamari is a launcher that aims to help you run a list of Windows applications in Wine with a few simple clicks on FreeBSD.

If there is an application that you want to have in that list then you can create an request for that application.



To install Mizutamari from the FreeBSD repositories along with all dependencies, execute:
pkg install mizuma



To uninstall Mizutamari along with all dependencies, execute:
pkg uninstall mizuma
pkg autoremove

To also clear Mizutamari's user data:
rm -r -d $HOME/.local/share/Mizutamari



If you have any problems, suggestions etc.. please open an issue here.
Alternatively you can reach me at:

FreeBSD Discord
FreeBSD Matrix Group
FreeBSD Community Steam Group


Former contributors

Brandon Ayers - Testing games
Ducky - Spell checking
Epychan - Testing games and reporting fixes
MagZu - Hosting files in the past
Matt @ - Testing games
Rvtsv - Testing games
shiorid - Testing games


Special Thanks

Special thanks to the main maintainers who make Wine on FreeBSD possible
and to those who participate in it.