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Alexander Vereeken edited this page 10 months ago

A list of games that dont work or are unplayable.

From time to time i will retest these games too see if they started working.

You can help to expand this list :)

Application Origin Reason
Rising World Steam Java error.
Starbound Steam Works but the performance is bad.
Geometry Dash Steam Works but no sound.
State of Decay: Year-One Steam It says DX11 is required but DX11 is working and installed.
Dungeon Hunter 5 Steam Crash at start.
Path of Exile Steam Dont launch because OSS.
Hentai Puzzle Classic Steam Crash at start.
FATE Steam Very poor performance for some reason.
Counter Strike: GO Steam Fails to start. Needs a retest with an AMD Card.
OSU Standalone Wants to see 64-Bit stuff even its a 32bit bin.