Wine-based Game Launcher for FreeBSD
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Introduction 🎤

Back when i started using FreeBSD, there was no useful utility to setup games or launcher in wine, so i created one myself.

Homura was developed from pure fun, so please do not take it too seriously.

Homura was created with some inspiration from lutris, but is not meant to be a substitute.

Description 📘

Homura is a launcher that makes it easy to run Windows games/launcher easily on FreeBSD by providing/applying the required fixes and workarounds.

  • The Windows emulation is provided by Wine.
  • The launcher menus are provided by Zenity
  • The most fixes that gets applied are provided by Winetricks

Special thanks go to the above mentioned projects :)

Donations will not be accepted. If you like my work, spread the word!

Run dependencies 💉


  • A x86 CPU with 1,4 GHz or better
  • A GPU with OpenGL 3.0 & 128MB VRAM or better



  • ftp/curl Curl is optional, if curl is not installed, fetch from the base system will be used.

Installation/Uninstallation 💿

Installing from FreeBSD repository 📦

Note: Packages can lag behind ports. If you want the latest version you may want to use the latest repository instead of quarterly or build the package yourself.

# pkg install games/homura

Build & installing the port from FreeBSD ports collection ⚙️

cd /usr/ports/games/homura/ && make install clean

Installing from source ⚙️

Please only do this, if you know what are you doing.

mkdir -p /usr/local/share/Homura/Data
cd /usr/local/share/Homura/Data
cd /usr/local/bin
chmod +x Homura


# pkg uninstall games/homura

To also delete the related games etc...

Use the "Delete and reset everything" function.

Usage 💻

Homura was created for the gui usage in the first place, the gui can be opened via the commandline Homura but also via a shortcut (if you have Homura allowed to create one).

For terminal fans there are also some fast commands:


  • To install something use Homura Install Steam
  • To launch something use Homura Launch Steam
  • To uninstall something use Homura Uninstall Steam

Feature / Extra / To-Do list

Features Done?
Installation launching & uninstallation of our collection of applications (Main features) ✔️
Custom prefixes ✔️
Delete & reset everything ✔️
Switching between wine-proton, wine-devel etc.. ✔️


  • There is currently no limitation which i could mention here.

Chat 💬

You need fast help, want to help or just want to talk? /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\



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