A lightweight quine for simple, self-contained wikis (Also mirrored on GitHub: https://github.com/Alamantus/FeatherWiki) https://feather.wiki
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# Feather Wiki example Caddyfile for Caddy 2
# This configuration expects Feather Wiki to be named 'index.html'
# and should be a server version (https://codeberg.org/Alamantus/FeatherWiki#server-saving).
# As the webdav directive is not built-in, select it when
# downloading your caddy binary from
# https://caddyserver.com/download?package=github.com%2Fmholt%2Fcaddy-webdav
# or use
# `xcaddy --with github.com/mholt/caddy-webdav`
# Change this to the domain where FeatherWiki is uploaded
# NOTE: Since saving is protected via basicauth, ensure
# HTTPS is used when accessing your wiki
# if 'http://' isn't specified, Caddy redirects to HTTPS by default.
# You *can* set this to localhost to run locally.
wiki.example.com {
@notget not method GET
@notoptget not method OPTIONS or not method GET
route @notget {
# The default user and pass is test. You can generate your own
# password via 'caddy hash-password'
basicauth @notoptget {
test $2a$14$OEW51Xqqmg6p5pu0sQmz2eS7oRPr7hCRGHt0hWYFXJu0vrofxXOby
rewrite @notoptget /index.html
# remove `browse` below to prevent displaying
file_server browse