• Stable 1.1.0 1acb4ec990

    Custom CSS, Sort Order, & better information for incompatible browsers

    Alamantus released this 2 weeks ago | 0 commits to main since this release

    This release is simple and helpful, but it bumps the empty FeatherWiki.html file up to 77.2KB from 75.4KB in the previous version.

    I'm considering that size increase worth it because this version adds a Custom CSS field to the Wiki Settings page that lets you enter whatever custom CSS you might want to change the styling of your wiki.

    I also added a really simplistic way of setting the order your pages appear in lists. In the Wiki Settings, just set the order of the pages in the text area: the page slug at the top appears first in lists and the slug at the bottom appears last. Removed or misspelled slugs get moved to the top of the sort order.

    Finally, I added a simple bit of HTML to point users having trouble loading Feather Wiki to a list of supported browser versions and a prompt to check their browser if their version is below the listed ones. The goal with this is to at least communicate what is required when a wiki doesn't load instead of a blank white page. Along with this change, I did drop the requirement from ES2020 to ES2018, which accounts for about 0.5KB of the size increase, but it hopefully will enable more devices to load wikis than before.

    If you've started using the previous version, you can upgrade to this version by following the instructions under Import & Overwrite (Upgrading).

    The Feather Wiki documentation is already updated with this version at the time of posting this, so go get the new version there!