Robbie Antenesse Alamantus

A lightweight quine for simple, self-contained wikis (Also mirrored on GitHub:

Updated 2 days ago

A fork of md.js specifically for use with Feather Wiki

Updated 2 weeks ago

An attempt at a viable alternative to Goodreads

Updated 1 month ago

The quick and easy dictionary builder for constructed languages.

Updated 1 month ago

A collection of simple web server scripts for self-hosting Feather Wiki

Updated 2 months ago

A network for people with ideas to connect with game developers.

Updated 3 months ago

Mirror for the Repo for the r/privacy "degoogle" megathread

Updated 3 months ago

A simple lightweight framework for building apps and APIs in PHP

Updated 5 months ago

The meal planner for active people with changing plans

Updated 9 months ago